Emmanuel was born on 10th October, 1978. He is an enthusiastic musician and skillful drummer. He was born in Africa but currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand. He is currently running his own music company called Towncryer Afrobeat which is being designed as single handed group band founded by the drum boy (Emmanuel) in 2014 and creating amazing music masterpieces.
Emmanuel found that true challenge lies in facing your inner fears and then overcome it with passion and enthusiasm. He believes that talent is just not enough until it gets polished with skills and elegance. He followed his true dream and worked on it extensively. He made his struggles his biggest strength and left no stone unturned in the journey of becoming a renowned drummer. 
He started off casually with a group of friends and they used to host a drum shows and perform freestyles in the streets, parks, schools and churches. However Emmanuel didn’t settle for the less and decided to upgrade and polish his raw music skills. He then started creating Afrobeats music masterpieces featuring few other artists and then distributed tracks on several music stores including iTunes, Amazon and online music marketing companies. He is creating unique and effective music beats that mesmerizes the listeners. Emmanuel worked extremely hard with determination and utter focus to become a pro in Afrobeats.
After getting an all embracing experience Emmanuel is now working on his first album. He believes in team work with goal orientation. He believes that only a great team with unique mission can succeed thoroughly. He is a master at recognizing different expertise and talent and then synchronizing those to create masterpieces. He believes that a great team with determination and focus leads to dynamic success stories. Emmanuel aspires to gather more town criers on his band who takes immense interest in music so that he can gather immense passion in the form of different youngsters. He also aspires to arrange shows in several parts around the globe including his homeland, Africa. He wants to organize dance competitions in different communities and incorporate unique ideas into the band. Emmanuel believes in brain storming and idea kicking and therefore he is a great team leader and aspires to lead his team with dexterity and passion. He deals with his all team mates democratically by incorporating their ideas and proposals to create a fully synchronized magnum opus. 

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