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Afrobeat, an amazing music style developed in 1970 is outrageously getting popular nowadays. Afrobeat presents the concoction of West African musical styles including Yoruba, Igbo highlife and American jazz and funk. With such a vibrant musical combination, it includes specs of chanted vocal and percussion. Fela Kuti is the proud pioneer of Afrobeats, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and band leader. Afrobeats got popularity in no time within and outside Nigeria after Fela Kuti initiated it and it also includes clants, call-and-response vocals and interacting rhythms that are quite complex.

Heavy Nigerian drumbeats originated from Fuji and Ghanian highlfe give significant and exclusive style and identification to Afrobeats. Fela Kuti experimented and mixed several forms of contemporary music of the time to create a unique style. The new style hailed from a club known as Afrika Shrine which Kuti changed his band name to Africa ’70 and maintained a five year residency in Afrika Shrine from 1970-1975 and during that period it thrived among Nigerian Youth.

Afrobeats is the contemporary and chic modernization of the Nigerian harmonies and rhythms that have been improvised. Afrobeats targets politics since its pioneer, Kuti took social criticism to anecdote the way for social change. Afrobeats is ought to deliver controversial and confrontational messages and create a sheer political climate which was necessary in most of the African countries in 1970 and all around the world today. As of today most of the countries are suffering from political injustice and military unrest. Self-determination is still quite vital and this genre of music is a brilliant way to convey it as it lightens up severely controversial issues.

Emmanuel Ezenwobi Chinedu is an enthusiastic musician and skillful drummer. He is currently running his own music company called Towncryer Afrobeat which is being designed as single handed group band founded by the drum boy (Emmanuel) in 2014 and creating amazing music masterpieces and taking Afrobeats to another level. He then started creating Afrobeats music pieces featuring few other artists and then distributed tracks on several music stores including iTunes, Amazon and online music marketing companies. He is creating unique and effective music beats that mesmerizes the listeners. Emmanuel worked extremely hard with determination and utter focus to become a pro in Afrobeats. Emmanuel and his team are putting up mesmerizing shows. You can see their effort and contact them.

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